How To Host A Fabulous Halloween Party

Halloween is almost here. Your kids are probably already talking about which costume they want to wear this year. For that matter, you might be thinking about how you'll dress up for this fun holiday. Are you going to host a party? If so, from the invitations to setting up a haunted house, here are some ideas that will help you to host a fabulous Halloween party.

The Invitations - Even if you aren't truly artistic, you and your children can still make cute invitations. 

  • Start with black and orange construction paper. Those are the only colors you'll need.
  • Cut windows and doors out of a rectangular piece of black construction paper and put pumpkins in each of the little windows.
  • Another idea is to cut out a black cat and to give the cat orange eyes.
  • You get the idea! Just create anything that is kind of spooky. Remember to leave the orange part for your writing so it will show.
  • And, don't forget to get RSVPs so you'll know how many people to plan for.

The Activities - Who doesn't love a haunted house? You can make it tame for the little kids and a bit scarier for the older group.

  • You'll need sheets to divide a space in your house into rooms, probably the largest area of your house. Make sure the area can be darkened.
  • Go with tradition. In one room, have silly things like grapes to represent eyes, liver to represent liver, and spaghetti to represent eyes. 
  • In another area create a maze where there are scary things along the way. For example, create a ghost out of a sheet and give the ghost black construction paper eyes.
  • Get somebody to dress up like a witch who is stirring a brew. That person can be cute with little kids or scary with the big kids.
  • It might also be fun to have a person dress up like a gypsy so that the kids can have their fortunes read.

Don't forget to have music in the background. Or have the kids dance to songs like Michael Jackson's Thriller. Think of serving sandwiches and chips to keep things easy. Cookies with a Halloween design will a great choice for dessert. When the party is over, think of giving a party favor for each person to take home with him or her. A Halloween flashlight is one fun idea, especially if there will be trick or treating later on.