3 Classes For Which A Mini-Golf Field Trip Is A Good Idea

If you're a high school teacher, it's ideal to think about one or more field trips that you can take with your class. In evaluating different options, it's ideal to find those that combine fun and education. Many people view a mini-golf course as a perfect spot for a date or for family fun, but it's also important to know that this venue can be a viable option if you're considering a high school field trip. Of course, the mini-golf course might not be relevant for each type of class, but if you teach one of the following three classes, there's lots of value in going mini-golfing with your students.

1. Geometry

For every geometry teacher, it's helpful to talk about the ways in which geometry is present in everyday life. Doing so can excite your students about this subject matter, rather than perhaps make them feel as though geometry isn't applicable outside of the classroom. A mini-golf course is one of the best examples of geometry that you can find in society. A course with concrete or wooden barriers along the sides of the greens, for example, allows you to talk about angles — and then demonstrate exactly what you mean.

2. Physics

Physics is another high school course for which a trip to a mini-golf center can be appropriate. There are plenty of teaching points that you can emphasize as you walk through the mini-golf course with your physics students. For example, if you're teaching about acceleration, you can set a ball at the top of a sloped part one of the mini-golf holes and watch it roll down, picking up speed as it goes. You can then remind your students about the formula for acceleration.

3. Kinesiology

Not all high schools have dedicated kinesiology courses, but this subject matter is often taught in physical education. If you teach kinesiology, a visit to your local mini-golf course can be a good idea. In your course, you talk about the different movements that various muscles make, and while you can physically demonstrate these in front of the class, it's nice to get outside of the classroom to look at other examples. 

While playing mini-golf, you can have students identify which muscles are active as they putt the ball, for example. You may wish to organize this field trip toward the end of the school year to give students something to look forward to.

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