Are You Planning A Space-Themed Birthday Party For Your Teenager?

Is your teenager fascinated with everything that has to do with space fantasy? If so, is he or she following in your footsteps? Perhaps you have loved watching shows like Star Trek and your child watched right along with you. Whatever the case, if you are planning a space-themed birthday party for your son or daughter, here are some ideas that might help you to plan a fun and memorable event.

The Party - Think of setting the mood for your teenager's space-themed birthday party even before the event takes place. For example, consider making clever invitations that feature space-related things as the design of the invitation. For example, you could have a spaceship on the front of the invitation. You could add words that say something like, "Have An Out Of World Experience At The Birthday Party!" You might even encourage your child's friends to dress in space clothing. At the party itself, consider playing space-related games. For example, get a large plastic bowl that represents the moon or a planet. Have the kids toss smaller bowls (or "spaceships") into the bowl to see how many bowls hit their target. If the kids are older, consider making the game more challenging for them.  

Your Gift - Of course, part of the fun for your birthday son or daughter will be in opening gifts that are brought by his or her guests. Have you considered what you will give your child? Consider starting a collection of fantasy novels about space for young adults. If your child already reads them, be sure to find out ahead of time which ones he or she owns. If your child is a girl, she would more than likely love books like The Girl Who Drank The Moon or The Loneliest Girl In The Universe. If you have a son who is celebrating a birthday, he will probably love books like Satellite or Dare Mighty Things. However, don't worry too much about selecting books especially for girls or for guys. Fantasy novels about space for young adults will more than likely be enjoyed by both sexes. And, they are usually so fascinating that your child or daughter will read them more than once. Consider also giving your child a telescope so that he or she can gaze at the universe and maybe even be inspired to write a fantasy novel about space himself or herself.