A Team-Building Package That Will Promote Trust And Respect

When you hire new employees, they are caught up in the hectic pace of the workplace, and this can be intimidating enough. Imagine not knowing any other people and trying to navigate your way through the premises, as well as strike up a conversation with unfamiliar faces. If your workforce is relatively large, you can ease the transition for newcomers by preparing some team-building strategies that will assist with forging trust and respect.

Set Up Activities On A Monthly Or Bi-Monthly Basis

It probably won't be possible for you to offer a team-building activity package on a weekly basis. After all, you have a business to run, and your workers are there to complete their assigned duties in exchange for their pay. You may be able to plan a group activity and offer it to your employees on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. If you tend to hire a new group of people each time that you need to fill some vacancies, each group of newcomers will be relatively on their own when they start out.

To ease the awkwardness, assign a mentor to each group and have this person show everyone around and introduce them to others. The new employees and the other workers may begin to get to know each other, and by the time the team-building activity package is ready to be shared, your workers will be somewhat familiar with one another.

Decide How To Break The Ice

There are many ways to make everyone feel comfortable during the gathering. Host a luncheon first so that your workers can strike up some conversations with those who they are seated by. Afterward, invite everyone to introduce themselves and provide some information about their interests. Then, ask your employees to split up into teams. A guided maze, obstacle race, scavenger hunt, and building exercise are team activities that your employees will probably like.

The activities are designed to be fun, but there will be an underlying reason as to why you chose them. With each competition, your employees will be responsible for aiding one another. When people feel as if they are valuable, they tend to feel more confident. The team members will be opening up to one another and communicating effectively. This will build trust, and as a result, you can expect your employees to be able to work together cohesively when they are back inside of your business facility.