Are Holidays Looking Different For Your Family This Year? Embrace It!

2020 has certainly thrown everybody for a loop. Life as the world knew it was turned upside down. Unfortunately, for many people that means the holidays and fun traditions might look different this year. If the thought of trying to make holidays feel the same this year seems too difficult, you might want to try the opposite approach. Why not embrace the differences this year? You might be surprised at how much fun you have and what new traditions you might want to start. 

Try New Foods

Trying new foods is a fantastic way to spice things up. You can change as much or as little as you're comfortable with. Maybe you'll just add a new type of pie to the mix of desserts or maybe you'll switch things up entirely and forgo the usual holiday meals. You should definitely get your kids involved in the fun. You could make homemade pizzas and have each one be a different kind. You could find a fun new dish or dessert and have a family cooking competition with it. You could research what different cultures make for the winter holidays and try some of those recipes, learning something new together. There is no right or wrong as long as you're having fun together with your new experience.

Watch New Movies and Shows

You can still watch your traditional holiday favorites, but if you really want to embrace differences this year, try finding a new movie or TV show on your favorite streaming platform. For example, you could look for the best movies on Netflix and find a new holiday favorite. You could watch the pilot episodes of a bunch of more obscure shows that no one in the family has seen or heard of before. You could purposefully search your streaming service for something you wouldn't normally pick, like a really old movie or a more contemporary artistic movie. You may find the new movie that you laugh about and quote to each other for years to come, making your family feel more fondly about the year you were stuck inside the house.

Serve Others Creatively

If your family hasn't typically included doing service in your festivities, this year may be the time to change things. If you already like to serve but can't in the way you would normally do, you can embrace the differences this year and get creative.  There are tons of ways to serve people, even from a distance. You can "heart attack" people by sticking paper hearts with nice notes written on them to their front door. You can make homemade cards to send to the nursing home you would normally visit. You can have your children sort through their old toys and choose some that they don't play with anymore (that are still in good condition) to donate to daycares or shelters for abused women and children. Doing acts of service for others in need may help your whole family to forget their own disappointments this year.

If these holidays are already looking like a bummer, consider embracing what is different about them and take an opportunity to bring your family together in new ways.