Promote And Plan A Dance Marathon

if you are hosting a dance marathon to raise proceeds for the adult community center that you run, invite community members to an all night extravaganza that includes fun, fellowship, and festivities by adding the following features. By carefully promoting and planning the dance event, you will be increasing your chances of raising the funds needed. 

Sell Tickets In Advance

Alert the community about the impending marathon by hanging a large banner in front of the community center. Advertise the event in local newspapers or on the radio as well. Offer tickets at a reduced rate if people choose to purchase them prior to the event. By selling tickets for a lower fee, more people may be interested in attending the gala and you will be able to calculate how many more tickets you will need to sell on the day of the event in order to reach your monetary goal.

Allow Supporters To Pledge Their Allegiance

If some people have chosen to attend the event, but are not going to be participating in the dance contest, offer them the opportunity to support a family member or friend by pledging a specific amount of money in their honor. Observers can still feel as if they are part of the celebration by being able to listen to music that a disc jockey plays while sitting down near the sidelines as they watch their peers strut their stuff.

People who have decided to observe others can also provide loved ones with words of encouragement and praise that may help dancers remain motivated as they continue dancing through the day and night. 

Prepare And Sell Food And Award Dance Winners

Prepare food to serve your guests and sell the food items during the gathering. Sandwiches, salads, and soup are some foods that are easy to prepare and that can be made in large quantities so that you will have plenty of food on hand. Purchase bottled or canned beverages in bulk and sell the beverages separately.

Use some of the proceeds that were raised by selling tickets or collecting pledges to buy prizes for the dancers who remain active for the longest amount of time. Custom shirts, hats, or gift certificates to a local venue are some prizes that won't break the bank and that will demonstrate your appreciation for the dancers hard work. Request that the disc jockey announce the dancers names who have remained on the floor the longest. Afterward, greet the winners in the center of the dance floor before awarding them with the prizes.