Plan A Nursery Rhyme-Themed Party At Preschool

If you have recently read a volume of nursery rhymes to the preschoolers who you teach and would like to provide the students with hands-on activities that will reinforce the characters in the rhymes, rent some furnishings and a canopy and use them during a nursery rhyme-themed gathering.

Add Furnishings And Prepare A Drawing Activity

A party planning business has vinyl chairs, tables, and a canopy that you can rent and use to create an ensemble of furnishings for the nursery rhyme party. Set up the tables and chairs underneath the canopy that has been installed on the preschool's grounds.

Use strips of double-sided tape to secure cutouts that depict Humpty Dumpty, The Gingerbread Man, or Hansel and Gretel to the back of each chair. Purchase a large roll of paper and cover each tabletop with a layer of the paper.

Display pictures of some nursery rhyme characters in the central part of each table. During the party, supply the students with markers and crayons and tell them that they can decorate the paper coverings. Ask the children to use the pictures as guides as they attempt to draw their own versions of each nursery rhyme character.

Play A Little Bo Peep Game

Purchase some sheep stuffed animals and hide them underneath the canopy and the property that surrounds the party area. Wear a long, frilly dress and bonnet that you think is something that Little Bo Peep might wear.

After the children have finished drawing on the table coverings, tell them that they are going to play a game which involves finding the sheep. Provide the children with clues if they have trouble finding the sheep. State that whoever finds the stuffed animals may keep them as gifts.

Create A Spider-Making Station

Buy foam balls, pipe cleaners, plastic wiggly eyes, colorful pom poms, and glue sticks. Make a spider with some of the craft supplies and set it in the center of the rental table that has been designated as a spider-making station. Place chairs around the table and ask the children to join you.

Tell the kids that the spider that you made represents the one in the Little Miss Muffet nursery rhyme. Tell the children that they can make their own spiders by using the art materials that you have supplied. Assist the children with gluing the decorative items to the foam balls if some help is needed. 

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