4 Date Night Ideas To Shake Up Your Routine

When most people think of date night ideas, they immediately think of going out to dinner and a movie. Dinner and a movie can be fun, but you should consider doing something different for your next date. According to Business Insider, new experiences help to create lasting bonds between people, and couples who regularly have new experiences tend to be happier. Invigorate your relationship with these fresh new date plans:

1. Dinner Theater

Stage plays aren't just for the wealthy. Theater is something that everyone can enjoy, and watching live theater is a great way to see new and exciting stories. Make a reservation at a dinner theater to have a meal and catch a show in a whole new way. Instead of watching the typical blockbuster films, you'll get to see material by up-and-coming playwrights. After your dinner theater experience, you and your date will have so much to talk about. 

2. Live Music Restaurant

If you and your date are music enthusiasts, consider making a reservation to a restaurant that features live music. Most live music restaurants have theme nights so you can pick the kind of music that suits you best. Jazz, classical, and contemporary music are all popular choices. You can dress up and experience the music up close, since restaurants tend to be cozier, more intimate venues than concert halls.

3. Community Events

Check your local paper for community events. There are many events that happen only once per year, and they're often fun, quirky, and specific to your locale. Your town might be host an international rice festival, a film festival, or a cultural fair. Broaden your horizons by attending some community events near you. You and your date will learn new things while having a great time.

4. Take a Hike

If you tend to stay indoors, an outdoor date might be the newest experience of all. Leave your fancy clothes at home and step into the great outdoors. Hiking is a good way to get to know someone. You'll have lots of time to chat while you take in the beauty of the natural world. Exercise also releases endorphins, which help you feel calm and happy; the endorphin rush is sure to leave your date with fond memories of your time spent together.

Dates don't have to be predictable and boring. Think outside the box when planning your next night out. You and your loved one can experience all the culture and excitement that the world has to offer.