How To Get High School Students Excited About Science Programs

Science is interwoven in nearly every function people perform each day. This fact alone would seem to be plenty enough to pique the interest of teenagers but that's not always the case. As an educator, you sometimes have to go above and beyond to reach this unique group. Discover some things you can do to get your high school students more interested in science programs.

Meet Them Where They Are

Science is all around high school students. Yet, often times, they simply don't recognize it. It's your duty, as an educator, to open their eyes. The best way to go about doing so is to not approach the subject in the same manner you were taught years or decades ago. Instead, focus on the systems that are a part of their lives 

Take the touchscreens on their smartphones, for instance. Explain how the screen is more than just a simple piece of glass, but instead, in essence, a chemical compound that has been tested on everything ranging from heat resistance to stress resistance. When you meet students where they are, you make science more familiar and accessible. 

Close the Textbook

While elementary students are often thought to be more energetic when bored, teenagers might not fidget in their seat or get up when they are bored, but they will definitely tune you out. Look for a good high school science program that involves both textbook and real-world applications.

For example, a guided program that details the effects of certain chemical reactions is a great learning tool. However, a program that provides instruction on how to create chemical reaction experiments is so much better because it allows the students to be actively engaged, more in tune with what is going on, and presents an opportunity to put their knowledge into action.

Talk about Science-Based Career Opportunities

High school students have one important goal in their minds — their future. As a result, if you move some of the conversations about science to their career opportunities, you have a great way to engage their interest. 

While you can focus on the more prominent science-based careers like pharmacist and physicians, you can even talk about the career opportunities available in areas like technology, environmental matters, agricultural, and even electrical systems. If you can make a connection between science and a job they'd love to perform, you will be off to a great start.

Make sure you are ready to exercise some patience as not every technique will work on every student. However, keep going with your high school science programs, and before long they'll understand the power of science just as much as you.