Film Crew Management Software Can Make A Horror Movie Shoot Less Terrifying

The guerilla filmmaking approach to producing a low-budget horror movie comes with many anxieties. "Chiller flicks" run on tight schedules. Producers and directors often request donations for interior sets. They may receive discounts for shooting exteriors for limited amounts of time in the wee hours of the morning. Fans will reward the filmmakers if they deliver a terrifying and innovative dark feature. The fans only see the finished product and aren't aware of the struggles required to craft an excellent film. Through utilizing reliable film crew and schedule management software such as a film crew scheduling app, a tight night shoot could turn out as well as expected.

The Monstrous Task of Maximizing Coordination

Horror movies come with an inherent complexity: the films require special effects. Audiences demand impressive-looking creatures even from films with modest budgets. Filmmakers find themselves in a difficult situation. Limited funds mean they can't afford costly reshoots of critical scenes. This is where crew and scheduling apps lend an assist. Here are two examples of how they work:

  • The Werewolf Stalks at Night

Creating an on-screen werewolf costs a lot of money. A low-budget film may only have enough money for one or two big creature scenes. Shooting the scenes back-to-back could save money. If the scene takes place in the woods under the moonlight, time doesn't work in the crew's favor. Daylight will eventually break, so the production team has to stay on track. Hot, muggy weather might not be kind to werewolf makeup, either. Everyone has to stick to the schedule and adhere to specific set calls. Modernized software could lay out everyone's duties and the timed set calls perfectly. 

  • The Arrival of the Zombie Brigade

Zombie movies are all the rage these days. Popularity drives sales, which is why a zombie film appeals to producers. Once the shoot starts, all the difficulties associated with zombie films emerge. A wild zombie attack scene involving several actors battling their way out requires many different professionals to do things right. The director of photography has to get all the shots, the special effects team must carry out both zombie and human demises, and the actors need to be at the right spot at the right time. Without presenting everyone's tasks in extreme detail, confusion may reign. Directors and producers may find that software makes everything easier for all involved.

These two examples illustrate how hard coordinating a horror film can become. Choose the best software and apps to make things work more smoothly. Keep the frights onscreen and not behind the camera.