How To Plan A Bachelorette Party At A Nightclub

Are you the maid of honor in charge of planning your BFF's bachelorette party? If a nightclub event is on the agenda, take a look at what you need to know about holding this special event in a bar lounge.

Choose the Right Night

Your friend's party is a late-night affair. If you choose the wrong night you could end up cutting the evening short. Ask the bride-to-be for her guidance as you schedule the event. While it's tempting to choose a Friday or Saturday night, your friend's schedule may not permit it. Ask her when she works or has other morning obligations. This reduces the likelihood of an early morning wake-up the day after.

Call Ahead

Will you arrive at a crowded club and have to wait to get inside? If you do get in the club easily, will you need to wait for a table or stand at a crowded bar? Call ahead and ask about making reservations or other party options the venue offers.

Send an Invite

Even though this may feel like just another night out, it isn't. This is a special occasion and deserves plenty of extra attention. Send invites or e-vites to guests a few weeks prior to the party. Include the reason for the party (bachelorette), the nightclub of choice, the time the party starts, where to meet up, and any additional information the guests will need to know.

Plan a Party Ride

The bride-to-be needs to relax, kick back, and have the time of her life with her best friends and family. Instead of asking, assign a member of your party as the designated driver or hire a limo or party bus. Not only does a chauffeured ride provide a safe way to get to and from the nightclub lounge, but it also gives the guest of honor a way to arrive in style.

Discuss Dinner

A night out on an empty stomach can make for a cranky bridal party. If the bar lounge doesn't have menu options, choose a dinner venue for a pre-party meal. Ideally, your choice is close to the bar and provides the guest of honor with her favorite food selections.

From the pre-party meal to the stylish ride and night of fun, your friend's bachelorette party requires planning at every step. Give yourself time, talk to the bride, and create an event she's sure to remember for years to come.