A Challenge For You And Your Blind Date To Participate In

A themed escape room that contains a series of challenging puzzles is the perfect spot to hang out in if you are trying to break the ice with a blind date. Instead of dealing with an awkward silence, due to being unfamiliar with one another, or choosing a sports arena or a movie theater as the venue that you will spend your first encounter at, add some excitement to the evening and work together to solve the clues that will aid you in being released from the room.

Choose A Theme

A horror setting, a shipwreck, a beach, or a character's bedroom may be some of the themes that are used at the escape room venue. Each escape room venue will have a unique listing of rooms to choose from.

If you plan on booking your reservation in advance, request some information about the escape rooms, including the difficulty of each one. Then, pick one that sounds intriguing and that you think your blind date will enjoy participating in with you.

Use Each Other's Input To Solve The Clues

Because you are not going to have any insight into how your date thinks and their approach to solving clues, be respectful of their opinion and allow them to verbally vocalize their thoughts, concerning what each clue is requesting and what type of solving technique should be used.

You may use a completely different approach from your date's, and this is perfectly fine, as long as the two of you enjoy yourselves and provide each other with the opportunity to give feedback. Since the puzzles will require the two of you to talk things through and you both will be caught up in the moment and the challenge that has been presented, you may feel more comfortable toward each other as you make your way through the challenges. 

Celebrate The Victory

If you and your date are able to solve all of the clues in the amount of time that has been designated for the challenge, ask your partner if they would like to celebrate the victory. Head out to a diner or a bar that is located near the escape room venue. Over dinner or some drinks, broach the topic of going on another date with your new acquaintance. If you both enjoyed the escape room activity, challenge them to another round and suggest that the two of you pick one of the other themed rooms to attempt to break free from.