Buying Fireworks For A Backyard Show? Keep Your Pets Safe With These Tips

Have you decided to buy some wholesale fireworks to have a show in your backyard for family and friends? If so, your pets are going to be extremely close to the action. It will help to follow these tips to keep them safe and calm.

Exercise With Your Pet Earlier In The Day

You'll want to tire your pet out earlier in the day by giving them plenty of exercise. The goal is to have them tired in the evening instead of being restless and full of energy. If it is around a holiday where people will be lighting off fireworks, consider planning your walks for earlier in the day when others are not lighting off fireworks.

Desensitize Your Pet

It's important to get your pets used to the sound of fireworks so that they know it is not something scary and that they should be afraid of. Find videos of firework shows online that have loud bangs and lights and play them loudly around your pet that day. That should get them familiar with the sound of fireworks in an environment you control so that they won't be fearful of it later that night.

Keep Your Pet Inside If Possible

Many people do not realize how easy it is for a pet to unexpectedly run away when they hear the sounds of fireworks. Consider not taking your pet outside for the firework show, and keep them inside. Create a safe space where your pet can go if they are feeling scared. For example, setting up a crate for them to go into that has treats or toys in it that help make them calm.

Keep Your Pet Secure If Outside

If you do feel like your pet can handle the fireworks while outside, make sure that they are on secure so that they will not run away. Keep them on a leash, and then tie that leash off to something sturdy so that they cannot break free. If you tie the leash to something like the leg of a plastic chair, it is very likely that your pet will be strong enough to break the chair or run away with it

Consider Medication

It is worth talking to your vet about getting possible medication for your pet so that they do not have anxiety during the firework show. Medication can help calm them down that night so that your pet doesn't freak out unexpectedly.