Preparing Your Yard For A Bounce Castle Party: Four Helpful Tips

Adding a bounce castle to your next party or family gathering can give kids a fun way to spend the day, but there are some preparations you'll want to take into consideration before the inflating begins. Here are some helpful tips you can use to make sure your bounce castle is safe, fun, and ready for guests.

Clear The Lawn

Before your bounce castle or house is delivered, you'll want to take some time cleaning your lawn. Rake up sticks and twigs that might cause a puncture hazard. You may also want to mow the lawn to create an even base for the inflatable. Identify a flat surface with no trees or other obstacles nearby that might present a safety hazard. You may want to spraypaint the corners of the spot you choose to help with placement when it's time to set up the castle. This is a particularly good idea if your rental company will be setting up the inflatable for you.

Provide A Dependable Source Of Power

Before placing your bounce castle on the lawn, ensure you have a dependable power source. Checking outdoor outlets can prevent confusion and frustration when it's time to plug the castle in and begin inflation. Ask the rental company about the length of the power cord to determine how close to your home the castle will need to be. If you plan to use an extension cord, be sure to clear this with the rental company. You may be provided with an approved outdoor cord for a small fee.

Set Up A Shoe Rack

Shoes aren't typically allowed inside inflatables, so consider adding a shoe rack near the entrance to the castle or house. This will remind little ones to take their shoes off before entering. You can purchase a small shelf or rack from your local home improvement store for this purpose, but you can also create one yourself using milk crates or a cardboard box. If possible, invest in a pack of inexpensive footie socks for children to use before getting into the bounce castle. This will help keep feet clean even if guests wear sandals to your party.

Arrange Food And Drink Carefully

When sorting out space for your bounce castle, you'll also want to keep the location of food and drink in mind. The inflatable should not be placed near a grilling area as a safety precaution. Rental companies may prohibit food and beverages from being taken inside the castle, so it's a good idea to keep tables filled with these items at a distance to discourage the practice. Consider placing a trash bin near the entrance, such as near the shoe rack, to remind guests to throw away snacks and drinks before jumping into the fun.

Contact a local bounce castle rental service to learn more.