Throwing A Wedding? 5 Different Tables You Need To Rent

When putting on a wedding, one of the more essential items you need to rent is tables. Tables are essential to the reception experience, and many venues will require you to rent outside tables for the event. That is why it can be helpful to think about what you need tables for, so you reserve all the right tables for your event.

1. Cocktail Tables

If you intend to have a transition period between your wedding and reception and serve cocktails and appetizers to your guests, you will want to rent cocktail tables. Cocktail tables are taller tables that are designed for your guests to stand around rather than sit around. They are often circular in size and are designed so that guests can set down their drinks and appetizers for a moment and then continue to socialize and circulate around the cocktail area. Therefore, you need fewer cocktail tables than you do sit-down tables for your guests.

2. Food Service Tables

If you are doing a buffet-style wedding, you are going to need food service tables. Even if you are not doing a buffet wedding, the caters may need tables to prepare and set the plates on as they get them ready to serve.

You will want to work with your catering service to determine exactly how many tables they are going to need. Be sure to also add in tables for the cocktail hour if you have one and a dessert table or two.

3. Gift Table

If you are asking people to bring gifts, you will want to have one or two tables out near the front, by the guest book, so that people can drop off their gifts as they come into the wedding.

4. Guest Book Table

If you have a guest book, you may want to rent a tall table or even a podium to place the guestbook on so that it is easy for people to sign it.

5. Dinner Tables

Finally, you need tables for dinner or whatever meal you are serving at your wedding. You will have to decide on what shape of table you want, which will be impacted by your wedding venue, and the feeling you are trying to establish.

Circular tables are common as they can help facilitate a conversation with everyone at the table. Some people like banquet or farm tables, as they can give your wedding a classic feeling and allow different people to sit across from one another.

Some couples like to rent a cute sweethearts table for the happy couple, and other couples want to sit with their wedding party or other guests, so be sure your tables can accommodate your choice.

Work with your wedding planner, event venue, and rental company to ensure you rent all the right tables to cover all of the needs for your wedding. The rental company will be able to let you know how many tables to rent based on how many people are attending. With table rentals, you will want to get your reservation in about six months before your big event, especially if you plan a spring or summer wedding or get married on a popular day, like Valentine's Day.

For more information about event table rentals, contact a local rental company.