3 Reasons To Choose A Comedy Theater Over A Movie Theater For Dates

As you plan a date night, you have many options and two of the more common choices are a trip to the movie theater or a trip to the comedy theater. As you weigh your options, learn about some of the direct advantages of a comedy theater. A comedy theater date night is ideal for first dates and a date night for married or long-term couples.

Check out some of the advantages of a comedy theater over a movie theater and consider the option the next time you plan a date night.

1. Comedy Theater Seating

Movie theater seating is typically straight forward with patrons sitting side by side to each other. The seating presents a little challenge to turn and talk with your date. At a comedy theater, a lot of the common seating includes individual tables. With your own table, you can face at your date directly or angle the chairs to easily see your date and the comedy stage.

The angled seating allows you to talk and connect with your date before the show begins and after the show ends. During the show, you can look at each other and see reactions to various comedians.

2. Comedy Theater Dining

Dining options are typically limited at a movie theater, but you do have the chance to enjoy a full meal before a comedy show. Comedy theaters often include a full kitchen and bar. If you arrive early, you can enjoy a full meal together and then follow up the meal with the comedy show.

The dining option makes it easy to enjoy the date all in one location.

3. Laughing Together

Sharing laughter is a great way to improve your mood and connect with each other. You will see different senses of humor when you enjoy a comedy show together and get a sense of different personalities. Even with a comedy movie, you do not connect in the same way you would when watching stand-up comedy.

Laughing allows you to connect with the content from a show. Different topics like parenting, working, and everyday life can give you a lot of discussion points for the rest of your date. You can discuss the funniest parts, moments you related to, and your favorite parts of the show.

If you both loved the comedy, then you could make the comedy date night a special event you do on a regular basis. Check out local comedy theaters like the Atlanta Comedy Theater to see what events you can plan for upcoming date nights.