Prepare For Your First Video Production

Showcasing a video that is designed to captivate your audience can help you increase your social media following. Your first video production should be well thought out and utilize quality lighting, video equipment, and audio components.


The time invested to record a video will affect each actor and production crew member who will be assisting you with capturing or editing your content. Being prepared will eliminate inconsistencies that will require footage to be reshot at a later date. Practicing speaking parts, setting up the scene where recording will take place, and checking all of the equipment that will be used to record a video should be addressed in advance.

If your video production will be held at a public venue, seek approval for the date and time that the video will be recorded. Reserve any stage set equipment or recording equipment that you will be using throughout the video shoot and make arrangements to have rental items delivered to the location of the shoot.


Natural and artificial lighting will appear different on camera. Testing out various lighting setups during a test shoot will help you select lighting that will ensure that each subject or inanimate object that is featured in your video will be easy to see. If you will be shooting your video indoors, you may need to use some backlighting to enhance the image of each person who has a speaking part.

If you hire a videographer to shoot the production for you, they may furnish all of the lighting equipment. By having professional assistance available, you can focus on the entertainment value of your production and prepare the manner in which each actor will interact with one another.

Video And Audio Equipment

Using a mobile phone to shoot a video will not always provide a true representation of the people who are being recorded. The video quality can be greatly affected by the distance that you stand while recording. Shaky hands or inferior tripod equipment can make footage appear to be lopsided and sloppy.

Use quality cameras and a tripod. The tripod will stabilize each camera that will be used to record part or all of the video. After you set up your audio equipment, perform a sound test. Ambient noise could potentially interfere with the quality of your video. Knowing how a particular sound will be received may prompt you to make adjustments to the recording area. For more information, contact a company like Empire Pictures.