Three Winter Sport Arcade Games To Rent

If your children are getting into winter sports, it can be fun to spend as much time outdoors as possible. Periods of bad weather can mean that doing so is challenging, however, and it can be nice to offer them a fun alternative at these times. One idea is to consider renting an arcade game that focuses on your children's favorite winter sport. A local arcade game rental company with a large inventory of games will almost certainly have a few machines that focus on winter sports, and it can be fun to get one of these games for your kids to play for a few days. Here are three games that you may want.


There are several snowboarding arcade games on the market, including some that give players an opportunity to do more than just press buttons. Some snowboarding arcade games have a snowboard-shaped device mounted to a base in front of the game cabinet, which you'll actually stand on as you play. Your character on the screen will move according to the movements that you make with the board. For example, when you lean on the board to the left, the player will lean left. For kids who are getting into snowboarding, this can be an exciting arcade game to experience.

Downhill Skiing

A lot of children enjoy downhill skiing, and this is a winter sport that the whole family can pursue together. Another good arcade game to think about renting for your kids is one that focuses on downhill skiing. Like a snowboarding arcade game, this game also has an interactive element. The players will stand on a ski-like base and move it to control their player on the screen. Your kids might be novices at downhill skiing in real life, but they'll have fun conquering expert-level hills when they play this game.


Another arcade game to think about renting is one that offers a snowmobiling experience. These games have a snowmobile-style device on which you sit to control your player on the screen — much like arcade games that focus on car racing or motorcycle racing. Any child who is getting into snowmobiling in real life will enjoy experiencing this type of game. They'll be able to drive extremely fast and fly off jumps — two things that they likely aren't doing when they use a snowmobile in real life. Get in touch with an arcade game rental company to inquire about its inventory of winter sport games.