4 Reasons To Donate To Off-Broadway Stage Productions

One of the best ways to support live productions is to actually attend them, but you can take your love and support of the theater one step further with cash donations to a production. Before a production fully launches, many off-Broadway stage shows will seek donations as opposed to standard investments.

Learn some of the reasons to donate to stage productions and how your money can make a big difference in the world of theater and arts.

1. Bonus Options

In many cases, a money campaign for stage productions could include a lot of bonus options. For example, if you donated to a show like the Cold Blooded play, you could receive tickets to the show, have your name in the Playbill, and receive other bonuses like a signed copy of the script.

You also have the opportunity to receive bonus tickets as part of the donation. The donations could guarantee you tickets before the general sales are even released to the box office.

2. Costumes & Set Designs

A lot of the donated money goes directly to costumes and set designs. The money you donate could make a big difference in production quality. When you watch the play, you can appreciate the way they use set designs and create different elements as part of the show.

The donations often become essential to putting smaller off-Broadway shows together that cannot lure in some of the bigger investors.

3. Tax Deductions

Anytime you donate to a stage deduction, the amount you donate becomes tax deductible. You have the opportunity to cut down on the taxes you owe and help your tax return once you file in the new year. With the donation, you will receive a receipt or statement that you can use when you need to file taxes.

Each new donation can add up to all your deductions.

4. Future Plays & Performances

When you invest in one play, the money you donate can really build a foundation for future plays. You will help support the world of theater and give creators, singers, and actors the chance to really thrive in their business. The donations to help create a play could lead to a successful launch, multiple performances, and the chance for a company to build revenue.

The revenue can help pay the employees of a production and go into future investments for plays. There is often a trickle effect that could lead to many successful productions down the line.

Use one or more of these reasons to make a decision and donate to smaller theater productions.