Gifts For Children To Get Their Grandparents

If you're helping your elderly parents move into a retirement home or a condo, it can be nice to give them a housewarming gift when the move is complete. While you might wish to buy them something expensive, you can also buy something more affordable that your children can give their grandparents. You can expect that your kids will be excited to help you wrap the gift and write a card, as well as anxious for their grandparents to open it when you get together in their new home. Here are some options that you can often find at a local gift shop to buy on behalf of your children.

Grandparent Throw Pillow

The addition of a throw pillow can make any type of seating in the home more comfortable, including couches and chairs. Instead of buying a plain throw pillow, look for one with grandparent-specific wording. You'll find lots of pillows that have wording that shares messages of love and appreciation for having grandparents. For example, you might find a pillow that says "There's No Place Like My Grandparents' Home," which can be a slogan that your children feel is true. This type of gift can go a long way toward making your parents feel welcome in their new home — and excited for future visits with their grandchildren.

Indoor Herb Garden

If your parents enjoyed having a garden in their previous home but don't have the space or ability to keep a garden in their new home, one good gift option is a small indoor herb garden. This gift typically consists of a container that is compact but can hold a few plants. They may wish to place it in a bay window or on the kitchen window ledge so that it gets lots of sun. Many of these kits come with a few packets of seeds, and anyone who used to have an outdoor garden will have the skills to grow these herbs indoors.


Those who are elderly sometimes have guest books that people can sign upon visiting. If you expect that your grandparents will enjoy this gift — and that they'll have frequent visitors — this can be a good gift from your children. You can have your kids write a message inside the book to give it a personalized touch. Your parents will likely enjoy having your children write in the book during each subsequent visit, which is something that a lot of kids will have fun doing. Shop for these gifts at a local gift shop.